About the Game

The Protagonist is a sci-fi RPG with a branching narrative and turn-based combat. Set in an alternate world not too different from our own, The Protagonist shines a spotlight on a Special Agent of the Terran military force, code named: ANGEL.

Her mission goes awry when she wakes in an infirmary on an alien ship she’s been tasked with infiltrating. With no memory of how she arrived in her current circumstance, ANGEL must fight her way through an army of an unknown alien species, regain her lost memories, and complete a mission that will bring an end to the impending war.


  • A Unique Martial
    Arts Combat system

    Customize your character's close-combat abilities like never before

  • Dynamic
    Dialogue system

    Make your choices, it will have consequences

  • Initiative and Action
    points System

    Take full control over the actions

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The Characters Demolition Expert / RADICAL

Your mission: EX-1 order, exterminate at all costs

Rank: Corporal
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 178 lbs
Codename: RADICAL

Corporal Ronald Argyle Donaghue was never intended for military life. Receiving more demotions than commendations, Corporal Donaghue was dishonorably discharged when he murdered a superior officer in a drunken brawl. With 15 years of service, the court-martial convened and determined that his arbitrator’s claim of self-defense could not be either proven or disproven, so the death penalty was waived.

RADICAL possesses expert-level skill in hand-to-hand combat, as well as proficiency in demolitions, infiltration and interrogation. His marksmanship is limited, due to his lack of depth perception, unless computer assisted.

The Characters Special Agent / ANGEL

Your mission: EX-1 order, exterminate at all costs

Rank: Commander
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 128 lbs
Codename: ANGEL

ANGEL possesses the intellectual and reasoning capacity of an expert academic in several fields, including architectural engineering, Terran history, computer programming, mathematics and the sciences. She is a grade A marksman and she is trained in numerous hand-to-hand combat skills.

At the beginning of the story, ANGEL awakes to find herself in the infirmary of the space station she was sent to infiltrate. Her short term memory has been tampered with and she must escape the facility with the aid of people claiming to be part of her team. The success of her mission seems unlikely as the station goes on full-alert status, with prisoners and station personnel-alike turning hostile.

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