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April 20, 2018 / Community

Back from PAX East 2018

Back from PAX East 2018

Hello everyone!

We are back from PAX East 2018, and we had a fantastic time there!
We finally got to showcase the playable demo for The Protagonist: EX-1, which has been a long time coming. The 3Mind Team didn’t get a lot of sleep these past few weeks in order to have the best demo possible.

We drove down from Montreal to Boston; more than 5 hours of driving with all our stuff (computers, screens, keyboards… and our disassembled booth, of course!)

We arrived at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center before the event began and were looking forward to meeting players. The place was so huge and all of the speed the booths filled was pretty amazing… 4 days at PAX East! 4 days of intense hard work; but also 4 days of meeting players and developers, discoveries, smiles, bursts of laughter, and happiness!

We got lots of feedback from players, and we were really happy that turn-based fans (especially XCOM fans) liked our gameplay. Players really liked combos, exploration mode, and the puzzles that unlock the final fight in the demo. Furthermore, many players enjoyed the design and the music (thanks to Pixel Audio who worked on it).

Here are some feedback quotes from players:

‘‘I really do like the gameplay!’‘

‘‘Entirely original concept! I like action points for movements and combat working away from your different teammates.’‘

‘‘It was really fun. It was interesting having free roaming mechanics and combat like XCOM.’‘

‘‘Music is good. I definitely like the idea of the combat and the way you can make your own combo.’‘

‘‘I think it was cool. I like the tactic angles of it. The environment is cool. The music is really good. It reminds me of Mass Effect.’‘

‘‘I like the art style and the music was fantastic. Good job!’‘

‘‘I love the music, I love the atmosphere, and I like how many options you have in the game. It is really fun and I am a huge RPG strategy fan.’‘


This is a really good beginning for our playable demo and we will share some of the footage we recorded at PAX with you soon. Keep in mind, though, that this demo shows only a small part of all the features which will be in the final game.

We are really happy to have had this opportunity to meet all the people who stopped by our booth, and we’re combing through all of the feedback we received, to improve our gameplay and game experience.

The 3Mind Team is excited and full of energy to work hard on The Protagonist: EX-1!

Thanks everyone!

Here a little foretaste


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