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February 23, 2018 / Announcements

A chance to win 2 tickets for PAX East 2018 - Vote

A chance to win 2 tickets for PAX East 2018 - Vote

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3Mind Games is happy to announce that we’ll be attending PAX East, this coming April 5th-8th in Boston, MA!

We had a lot of positive feedback from the community after our showing at MEGA (Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade) and we’re considering all of the comments and suggestions to help develop the best turn-based tactical RPG that we can!
3Mind Games really hope you can make it out to see us at PAX East, and we’ll have a big surprise to showcase at the show. So if you want to meet ANGEL, and chat with some of the team, please make sure you drop by our booth.
If you can’t make it out to PAX East this year, don’t worry, we will share a lot of content during this event.

PAX East
AND we are offering a chance to win 2 tickets for PAX East 2018, Boston MA, badges for Day 3, on April 7, 2018!

You just have to choose: Which squad-mate would you want watching your back?
ANGEL or RADICAL, make your choice!
And vote now on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

More information about the rules of participation here.

What is PAX?

Founded in 2004 as the Penny Arcade Expo, PAX has grown into a global cultural celebration, with events held across the globe. Well over 100,000 people attend the PAX showcases on a yearly basis, and we’re happy to be part of it and show you our work on The Protagonist.

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